Sunday, November 9, 2008

Voodoo House

I was in the North End of Waterbury painting this house. It is a rough section of town, many For Sale, For Rent and Foreclosure signs. I was told by one of my numerous visitors that it is a drug infested area. The woman who lives in the house came out and not too happy I was painting her house. In a thick Jamaican accent she said, "I give you Voodoo, your a Scientist your a Cop" all the while making signs of the cross and squeezing a half-cut lime! I said,"Lady do you think a cop could paint like this?" She continued asking "Of the thousands of houses in Waterbury why did I choose her house to paint", finally I said, "Lady, you are lucky, I chose your house and you won the Rick Daskam Lottery!" This was all too much, now I know why I like painting in a field beside a stream!