Monday, May 18, 2009

Monhegan Sunset - Over Manana


Unknown said...

Lovely paintings. I was alerted to your site through Google Alerts. Feel free to post your work to my Monhegan site on facebook.

Amy Wilson said...

Hi Rick,
I found up your site by mistake. Going through withdrawel from Monhegan, I "googled" to find out what time the sun was setting over the Island.

This painting glowed from the open door of the Lupine gallery. I noticed it my first time past that open door and it drew me in several times. I love it.

I met you in the Sunlight Studio, not knowing you were the artist of this painting. I am the grand-niece of Kathleen Kent and great-great grand niece of Abbott Thayer.

I've appreciated your work on this blog and look forward to seeing more.

Thanks for the inspiration!
I've loved seeing this painting again!

Amy Wilson